When is Personal Training like an Effective PR Plan?

Today is Day 1 of my personal training program at Fitness Together Fort Myers and so far, I see many parallels between their personalized, one-on-one attention and an effective public relations plan that focuses on achieving client’s goals and objectives.

As of today, I am a client of my client, LouAnn Good, owner of the private training studio on Gladiolus in Fort Myers where the theme is, “One Client. One Trainer. One Goal.” This is really exciting for me as it is the beginning of a five-month journey leading up to the Philadelphia 1/2 Marathon on September 19, and then the NYC Marathon on November 7.  My husband Steve and I want to make sure we get there in a safe healthy way (we haven’t run a marathon in several years!), so we enlisted the help of LouAnn and personal trainer Jamie Swagler to help us. I already know that this was a very wise decision! I will be punctuating my regular blog posts with weekly updates on our progress (with some real pics, not just representative), and the benefits of a sound mind AND a sound body.

Here’s how it went today: our first session included a customized fitness evaluation where we were measured, tested and evaluated as to our level of fitness — not sure what the results are yet! LouAnn will enter the data into her specialized software program along with all our stats. In the PR world, this would be the research phase of the plan. This will generate a complete report that will specifically evaluate my body — where it is now, and where it needs to be over the next several months. LouAnn and I are setting goals and objectives that will lead to the strategic component of this “campaign”  — another similarity to the PR business.

So far, this is a unique experience. I have gone to gyms before where the atmosphere is very impersonal, usually with a staff member giving you a tour of the facility, a worksheet to figure out your reps, and a generic description of what you should do.  Then all of a sudden you’re alone with the equipment.  This is especially frustrating for me — being mechanically challenged, I would spend more time figuring out how to use each machine than actually using it.  And do I really want a room full of people watching me do this?

At Fitness Together LouAnn and Jamie are working with us in a private studio setting and showing us exactly what to do — correctly.  I really like their approach and we can all learn from it — no two clients are the same, and we have to plan differently for each based on individual needs and goals.

That’s why even though this is more of a physical process, I can’t help comparing it to the work we do every day in public relations and marketing — both include Research and incorporate Goal-Oriented Strategies.  Plus, very clear Measurement procedures are in place — and what’s more important than positive results?

And so the journey begins….I am excited about our first real training session next week, bringing us one step closer to our goals!  Stay tuned…in the meantime, check out www.ftfortmyers.com or www.pkecreative.com to learn more about us.

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