What Can a PR Pro Learn from Zumba?

Zumba…it’s described as an exhilarating, effective, easy-to-follow, Latin-inspired, calorie-burning dance fitness-party and today I experienced it for the first time. Since for me the lines between work and play are hopelessly blurred, I can’t help but discover important lessons in this one hour event.  As a matter of fact, there are three things I learned today…Try Something New!

In our field it’s easy to get tied to our computers — writing, planning, phoning — so much of what we do happens while we are sitting at our desks.  But did you ever notice how a brief respite from your office, a walk in the park when you might even stop to smell the roses, can make a positive difference in your day?  It’s proven that learning a new language, preparing a new recipe or trying a new physical activity stimulates brain activity.  Yes, PR people, that means creativity, inspiration and new ideas may be just a Zumba class away!

Listen to the Experts

I went into the Zumba class this morning not knowing what to expect.  And it wasn’t easy following all those steps — especially when it was all happening so fast.  But the instructor at the front of the room clearly knew what she was doing.  I’m quite sure she had her 10,000 hours in to qualify her as an expert – so I had to follow her as closely as possible or else I would have been completely hopeless in that class.  No matter how smart we think we are we can’t be expected to know everything. However, it’s crucial that we know how to find out.  Surrounding ourselves with experts, keeping data on resources for all subjects — that helps us become better.

Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously

If you’ve ever seen 20 women (and two men) flailing around to the beat of Latin music, you would probably think it was really funny.  And it does take a certain level of confidence to dance around without caring what other people think of you. We spend so much time being serious — meeting deadlines, running to appointments, dealing with serious issues — it may seem impossible to simply have fun.  So if you can let loose for one hour and toss away those inhibitions for just a bit, it’s amazingly liberating.  As a matter of fact, it carries over to the rest of the day — so bringing that fun attitude back to your desk is inspiring and leads to better performance.

And according to SELF magazine, you can also burn 414 calories in an hour – fantastic!

So what will you do to shake yourself up today?




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