Variety is the Spice of Public Relations

Every day is like a new gift!

Every day offers something exciting and new — I am constantly amazed  by the talented and passionate people I come across in my life as a PR professional. What other career would present the opportunity to meet with experts in environmentally friendly trash bin cleaning, olive oil and wild animals — all in the same week?  Here’s just a sampling of the inspiring, exciting goings on in my little realm….

American Bin Cleaning's wash container truck: eco-friendly & clean bins!

While it doesn’t sound sexy or glamorous, American Bin Cleaning has a whole new take on properly cleaning trash bins in Florida. We all know how unpleasant it can be when even after the trash is picked up, vile germs and odors remain. Well, this company has outfitted an automated truck that lifts trash bins and toters with a robotic arm, pressure washes the bin and puts it back in place.  The best part?  The water and cleaning agents are contained within the truck so they don’t upset the water table or drainage systems — the dirty water is taken to an approved location for disposal keeping the environment safe from bleaches or chemicals that could seep into the drainage systems.  It’s a great service that even if done only once a month makes a huge difference in keeping the neighborhood free from ecoli and other bacteria — and smells a whole lot better!

Naples Olive Oil Company offers more than 40 flavors of organic olive oil...fresh from the press!

Next, I had the lovely opportunity to meet Marie Heiland, olive oil purveyor and owner of the Naples Olive Oil Company in Naples, FL.  She awoke my taste buds to a whole new sensation — I had no idea that organically grown, extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality could be so completely different from the ordinary variety we usually have in our pantries.  I have now been introduced to a whole new world of culinary delights — infused olive oils and balsamics that have come to Naples straight from the presses in record time.  It’s important to note that the higher levels of antioxidants and polyphenols depend on the speed in which the olives are picked, pressed and transported — at Naples Olive Oil Company, one is assured of the freshest oils with the area’s highest levels of healthy antioxidants.  And the tastes are wonderful!  From blood orange infused (perfect for fish) to Tuscan herbal (great on pasta), there is something to please every palate.  Our mini-tasting reminded me of wine tasting….and I am excited to now be part of a whole new “foodie” world. Watch for Marie on an upcoming segment of Lifetime TV’s The Balancing Act in January!

You can discover exotic birds, rare reptiles & pink flamingoes at Sarasota Jungle Gardens, one of Florida's oldest attractions!

Finally, I learned that Sarasota Jungle Gardens’ 70th anniversary year is capping off with an extra special Holiday Lights event at the family-owned attraction.  Beautiful decorations, elaborate lights, musical entertainment and a truly cost saving menu enhance an adventurous walk through the gardens — what a setting to encounter alligators, snakes, exotic birds (including flamingoes), monkeys and more….kicking off a really “wild” holiday season!

So how’s that for variety?  It comes as no surprise that I am engaged and inspired by the people I meet each day. Learn more about my daily delights at

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