The PR Life: One Perfect Work Day

Under the category “better late than never,” I decided to spend one whole work day following the rules I have been reading about for years.  And you know what?  This stuff really works – I had a delightfully fulfilling and creative day.  And all it took was listening to expert advice and acting accordingly!  Here’s what I did:

Early Morning Workout


Since I was up at 5 with my yappy dogs, I practiced my new weight training regimen in my building’s gym followed by a two-mile fat-burning run.  After lifting those ultra-heavy 10 lb. barbells, the run felt like flying!  Feeling very energized, I then:

Ate Breakfast


Could it be that all those nutritionists actually have something there?  Just a small bowl of oatmeal and blueberries filled me up and made me say (not out loud), “Bring it on!”

Once I arrived at the office, I went straight to my desk and reviewed my:

To-Do List


Yes, I actually had one from the evening before and like an obedient PR professional, I decided to tackle the most brain-straining projects first. Before I knew it, I finished the list and actually had time to peek at Facebook and Twitter to see what was up in the rest of the world.  The reason I was able to move forward was because I made it a point to:

Complete One Project before Moving on to the Next

I resisted every urge to jump around and multi-task and focused all my energy on each task until I took it as far as I could go without inputs or approvals from other parties.  I was not “allowed” to move on until I got to that point.  For me, this was extremely effective.  In between each item, I made sure to:

Drink Water & Eat Mini-Meals Throughout the Day

Yes, I actually kept my water bottle right in front of me and drank out of it every few minutes.  Instead of eating a big lunch, I nibbled at stopping points on celery, apples and 1/2 turkey sandwich.  Then more water!  Amazingly (just like they all said), I kept up a high level of energy all day.  And the results were:

A Very Productive Day


Granted I did not have any meetings today and stayed quietly in my office.  But by following all the “rules,” I completed two news releases, wrote a PR plan for a new client, placed radio and TV media for another client, proofed and edited two feature articles and prepared three sets of meeting notes for tomorrow.  All in all, a very productive day!

Do I think it’s realistic to carry on this behavior every day?  Probably not.  But I will go back and read this post to remind myself what I can do when I pay attention to these simple maxims.

I would love to hear what others do to keep focused and productive on a daily basis  – please write and let me know!




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