The PR Life: Look Back & then Move Forward

As a myriad of New Year’s posts begins to appear, I am compelled to add to the mix with my own reflections on the PR life. And while we all tend to recount our mistakes or regrets, I recommend that you also reflect on the positive things you accomplished in 2010. This will provide you with inspiration and excitement to get your business off to a good start for the New Year. Here are a few examples of experiences we look forward to building upon in 2011…

New Business Relationships

The best part of our business is building relationships

Even in the face of a challenging economy, we recognize that the key to a thriving, vibrant, evolving business environment is creating new relationships.  Yes, we love our existing clients for being the foundation of our firm, but garnering new clients is what keeps us growing.  In 2010, we were fortunate to welcome five new significant  and diverse clients — inspiring us to be even better and reach new heights for ALL of our clients in 2011.

Enhancing the Team

New staff members add vibrancy & new talent!

Adding a new member to your team will keep you energized – plus, training and mentoring a new person can bring the existing staff closer together. To continue to provide quick, responsive service, we hired one new staff member in 2010 and will build our team as we need to, but we have learned that we all do better when we are “hands-on,” not removed from the daily client and media contact. Practice smart growth, but stay connected!

Being Part of the Community

Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure SW Florida: 2010 & 2011 PR Chairs

We love living and working in an area where being part of the community is so important.  We live among some of the most giving people I have ever encountered — people who donate time, money and heart to help others where they are needed most. Whether your community is large or small, working to improve the lives of others is fulfilling –both personally and professionally.

Inspiring Fresh Ideas

We love to learn and share new ideas!

With years of collective marketing and public relations experience, it might be easier for us to rely on what we already know, and what has always worked before. But as lifelong learners, we strive to learn more about what is relevant for our clients in their businesses and in the world. It’s so important to keep in touch, connect with newsmakers and experts, and allow your mind to open to new ways of thinking. Try and think of at least one fresh new idea to jumpstart your business in 2011.

Keep your mind open to new ways of thinking!

For us, even though we are trained in traditional marketing and PR tenets, we also allow our imaginations to take flight with all that’s new in technology and digital communications. We will continue to expand our writing services to encompass our clients’ blogs, web content and even their social media posts — they rely on us to tie these links all back to their overall vision for their businesses. And that’s just one example.

What did you do in 2010 that you plan to do even better in 2011? Please send us your feedback!

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