The Holiday Elves Create a Merry Buzz

SanibelElvesAt Pfeifer Realty Group on sunny Sanibel Island in Florida, Santa’s elves have been spotted marking the second year they’ve transported their toy-making business and a bit of holiday merriment and mischief to Southwest Florida. Marie Mosley, APR and PR Coordinator for PKE Marketing & PR Solutions, reported on the elves’ antics for the 2009 holiday seasonSanibel Elves and Hahn

After donning hard hats Friday afternoon to set up the open house for Pfeifer Realty Group and Hahn Construction, the elves started a protest to keep the Sanibel and Captiva Luminary Festival “rain-free.” Despite their best elfish efforts, the rain persisted. Fortunately, their efforts were rewarded with a successful open house event despite the downpour.

Sanibel Elves Landscape

While Santa keeps a low profile on the island, the elves – Palmer, Shelly, Bailey, Junonia, Perry and Winkle – are busy keeping island residents on the lookout for their antics. After setting up Santa’s “Southern Workshop” on the grounds of Pfeifer Realty Group’s offices, they put their computer savvy and social networking skills to work making the case for keeping the “Southern Workshop” open after reports of too much beach time and too little toy production.

Using their computer to track toy production and shipping, the elves have also launched their own website, and are seen regularly posting to their new Facebook fan page.  The sites are a public relations effort by the elves to keep the toy-making facility in Sanibel after Mrs. Claus threatened to close the site after reports of too much fishing by Santa and too little toy production. “Sanibel is our home now, and we can’t imagine a better place to work than this paradise,” said Shelly, a dedicated elf who celebrated 500 years with the organization.

For more information on the daily antics of the Sanibel Elves, visit their website at or join their Facebook fan page, “Sanibel Elves.”

Have a fun holiday season!

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