Taking the reins…and the sun

I’ve written before about the exciting, interesting people I meet on a daily basis — one of my favorite aspects of my career in public relations. A great example is my friend and client Randy “RJ” Vann, a Southwest Florida business man and an avid horseman.  So what do a drive for solar technology and a passion Paso Fino horses have in common?  RJ shows us…After more than 34 years building a successful full service air conditioning and plumbing company in Fort Myers, FL, RJ Vann Mechanical Corp., Randy recently launched a new division of his firm, Solar Tech Energy Systems.

Harnessing his staff’s expertise with all things A/C and plumbing, the new division incorporates photovoltaic systems that convert sunlight to electricity, solar hot water, high efficiency air conditioning and customized solar packages that qualify for federal and state rebates. Randy’s team has been trained and has enthusiastically embraced the firm’s new vision, “Technology today for a greener tomorrow.” This is a bold adventure during challenging economic times but they are already gaining momentum.

Solar Tech is just one way Randy displays his sense of adventure.  When he’s not working at RJ Vann Mechanical, he nurtures his other passion, Paso Fino horses on his ranch, Corner Creek Ranch.

These beautiful creatures are known for their gentle disposition, intelligence, stamina, companionship and are excellent for both trail and show.  After a life threatening illness in 1994, Randy decided to go back and do something he truly enjoys — riding, breeding and showing horses — he became infatuated with the Paso Fino breed and the rest is history.

In doing what he loves, RJ is doing great things. In business, he is caring for the environment and exploring new territory — with his horses, he is fulfilling his passion and a sense of adventure.

I find his outlook and his approach very inspiring — Randy has taken hold of the reins….and the sun.

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