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Building a Strong Foundation

As a PR professional and writer who also happens to be training for the NYC Marathon, I am compelled to find the metaphors in my enthusiastic pursuit of personal and professional development.  And while running 15 or 16 miles at a stretch, what else is there to think about but the similarities in my parallel lives of working and training? Continue reading Building a Strong Foundation

3 Powerful Ways to Regain Your Positive Outlook

It’s Monday, it’s raining outside, and the economic forecast hasn’t really brightened since Friday, but that doesn’t give us a free pass to curl up on the couch and retreat from the world.  On the contrary, now is the time to seek motivation where we can find it — it’s the time to discover our strengths and pursue our passions. How else can we ensure a brighter tomorrow?

Here are three approaches that can inspire a more positive, productive mindset: Continue reading 3 Powerful Ways to Regain Your Positive Outlook