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One of the most enjoyable and rewarding aspects of working on the agency side of public relations is the diversity of businesses you can explore and share with the world.
Having been on both the client and agency sides of the industry, I can say that I never cease to be engaged, interested and sometimes amazed at the people and businesses one encounters in day to day business.  For example, I have recently met and am now working with Andrea Geresdi who recently opened the Salt Cave in Naples, FL. Intrigued?  I am too — this unique, drug-free holistic approach to health offers therapies that bring together nature and technology.

Also called Halotherapy (halos means salt in Greek), this natural treatment which is well-known and documented in Europe, takes place in a dry, sterile environment that recreates a natural microclimate identical to ancient salt caves and salt mines.  People who have turned to this natural solution have reported positive results. Very popular in Europe, Andrea says there are only three salt caves in the U.S. at this time.

Located on busy US 41 in North Naples, FL, once inside visitors enter a “cave” — a soothing, quiet environment created by Andrea, her sister and her husband.  Before opening, they imported and installed 20 tons of Himalayan dry rock salt. (Keep in mind this is very different from table salt which is nothing more than sodium chloride with additives.)

With our area’s only salt generator, the aerosolized microparticles are released, penetrating deep into the lungs, fighting pollutants and destroying bacteria.  The results?

People who undergo salt therapy have experienced improvement in ailments such as:





Hay Fever



Smoker’s Cough

Stress & Exhaustion

Psoriasis and Eczema

The whole ambience and experience can make you feel better and breathe easier as soon as you walk in.  Special salt lamps and gemstone jewelry adorn the comfortable waiting area, and meeting Andrea is a special experience in itself.  She has in-depth knowledge of Halotherapy and is committed to helping others find natural alternatives to return to good health. Her concern is sincere and I am eager to know her better.

I am excited to get started on sharing more and writing about news and results from the Salt Cave, a very unique and fascinating holistic approach.

Check back for updates as we move forward or for more information on PR Solutions, visit me at www.pkecreative.com

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