News Peeks for Yarncrafters: Vintage Knitting Needles

Laurel Hill, the innovative, environmentally friendly source for needles, notions and accessories for passionate yarn crafters, brings back a blast from the past with their vintage Boye Balene II knitting needles.


Thousands of knitters are nostalgic for the flexible, quiet Boye Balene II needles which are no longer in production. The good news is that they are available in limited supply at Laurel Hill (

Boye needles feature patented speed tips and perfection points designed to help prevent dropped stitches. Originally created to replace real baleen, derived from whale jawbones, Boye was the only manufacturer to achieve the comfort of real whalebone, developing needles warm to the touch, pleasant feeling and flexible. These needles quickly became very popular back in their day and since being discontinued, the few left are considered collectibles.

Laurel Hill has limited availability in selected sizes of Boye Balene II needles that have never been used and are packaged in their original sleeves for a cost of $5 per pair. For more information or to order visit

About Laurel Hill (

Founded more than a decade ago, Laurel Hill is an innovative, environmentally friendly company dedicated to producing the highest quality exotic handmade knitting needles, crochet hooks, and accessories at reasonable prices. Laurel Hill is a socially responsible company whose mission is to source and offer natural sustainable products from the U.S. and abroad that have a positive impact on our communities.



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