New Year, New Day, New Ideas

Starting a New Year opens the door to a fresh start, but in the world of public relations, we are always on the cusp of something new, no matter what the calendar says.  To remain valuable to our clients, we must always be among the first to gather, process and present new information – seeking out what is relevant, helpful and informative should be second nature.  And that’s what I love about this profession…Curiosity….discovery….engagement….being on the lookout for what is fresh, new and better keeps us enthusiastic about our day-to-day work.  And maintaining consistency with the traditional tools and knowledge that have worked in the past keeps us grounded.  It’s the wonderful combination of these elements that make every day an adventure and a challenge.

At PKE we work hard to provide that exquisite balance of stability and innovation – we have to keep the tried and true while having the courage to try something new.

So as we embark on our 2012 adventure, here is what is happening at PKE to keep us fresh, energetic and ready for a creative, productive and exciting New Year:

New Marketing & PR Coordinator

Kate Walter

We recently welcomed Kate Walter to our firm — she brings great PR and marketing experience, warmth and sincerity, vitality and an openness to new ideas.  Kate has already developed strong media relationships and has successfully pitched and placed several stories on our clients’ behalf.  Plus, Kate has begun developing strategic social media plans for our clients who are new to that arena – she is helping us make the social media aspect a seamless part of our overall planning. We are looking forward to even more fabulous things to come!

New Technology

As part of our plan for continuous improvement, we have adopted new web-based software to provide our clients with even more accurate and thorough month-end reporting.  We want to make sure our clients understand the value we are providing and that we are doing the most that we can with their dollars.

We have also added on new options for media distribution and media tracking to increase exposure of our clients’ news — we are also linking those articles back to social media to complete the circle and to generate consistent messages.

New Literature

At PKE, we are committed to being Lifelong Learners – to that end, we are reading voraciously.  Not only important new books that address public relations, marketing and social media, but also those that deal directly with our clients’ industries.  The Big Thirst, for example, by well-known author Charles Fishman, teaches us about how our lives are integrally entwined with water and how we must focus on this crucial resource to avoid disastrous consequences.  This book has had an incredible influence on one of our clients who is building a sustainable community – and if it impacts him, it impacts us.

New Ideas

Another effort at keeping it fresh requires us to strive for self-improvement in all areas of our lives.  To be at our best, we have re-committed to another year of running longer, working on our yoga practices, reading for pleasure, eating healthfully, and nurturing our family and personal relationships.  While all that may sound a bit self-indulgent, we know that it makes us more creative, positive and valuable to our clients in the long run!

To all of our friends, clients and readers — all the best for a wonderful 2012!



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