How’s your mental health?

We have all become used to news updates, warnings and helpful tips on physical fitness, but how often do we think about our mental fitness? Probably not too often.  But with National Depression Education and Awareness Week taking place now, this might be a good time to evaluate how you cope with stress, and to consider whether or not you are exhibiting signs of depression.

One of our clients, Gulfcoast Clinical Research Center, has a staff of experts on this topic and they are offering education and free screenings on Oct. 11.  In the meantime, it’s just as important to be aware of your mental health as your physical health. Or, you might have a friend or loved one whom you suspect is suffering from depression and you could be the one to ensure he/she gets the help they need.

If you are near Fort Myers, you can visit Gulfcoast Clinical Research Center for free mental health screenings on National Depression Screening Day, Oct. 11 at 6150 Diamond Centre Ct. Ste. 500 in Fort Myers, Fla. Screenings will be offered from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Staff members will be available to answer questions, provide informational packets and serve cookies and coffee. To promote awareness of depression and to lessen the stigma surrounding this common health issue, Gulfcoast Clinical Research center also will be conducting outreach programs with community organizations throughout the month of October. “Many people don’t realize how widespread depression is,” commented Christy Downey, director of Gulfcoast Clinical Research Center since 2005. “One in 10 adults may be diagnosed with depression. The good news is there are treatment options available ranging from counseling to medication. But first depression has to be properly diagnosed. The free screenings at our office opens the door to helping diagnose patients and providing information on treatment options available in our community.”

To help a friend or family member who might be dealing with depression, it is best to listen carefully, offer emotional support and provide assistance in seeing a doctor and getting treatment. Gulfcoast Clinical Research Center recommends screening as the best first step.

For more information contact Gulfcoast Clinical Research Center at 239.561.0009 or if you are outside of the Southwest Florida area, visit or a mental health facility in your own community.

If you haven’t thought about mental health before, now is the time to become more educated on ways to strengthen your (or a loved one’s) mental fitness.


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