Guest Blog: Nail Trends on Campus by Katie Kosches

As an adjunct professor at Florida Gulf Coast University, I have the pleasure of teaching Public Relations Strategy to a fantastic group of motivated, inspiring students who are poised to enter their professional lives.  Their recent blog post assignments reflect a diversity of interests, passions and pastimes and I will be featuring as many of them as possible on my blog over the next few weeks.  Enjoy and feel free to comment!

The latest trend on campus!


Less than five years ago, gel and acrylic nails were in. From there, false nails faded out and natural nails with plain polish came back. This trend in itself has changed. Going from red to black to white young girls were constantly inspired. Originally, Hard Candy polish started the innovation with their bold color palettes around 1995.  Additionally, girls got the idea of plain white polish from Lauren “ LC” Conrad on MTV’s hit reality series, The Hills.  When black nails were suddenly in, I thought that they were gothic until I tried the usually dull color and loved it. It’s interesting to see how quickly my perception changed. After the French manicure fell off, reverse French and designs quickly replaced the old craze.

Currently, for all of you fashionistas and trendsetters, there is a new way to wear you nail polish. OPI recently came out with a shatter polish from their Katy Perry Collection. All you need is any regular polish and this magic in a bottle. At first glance, it’s ordinary black polish. However, after one coat is applied over another color, parts of the black start to turn clear, revealing the color underneath and forming the scattered pattern.  Whether you decided to shatter all of your nails or just your ring finger, it’s a unique way to express the new nail fetish. For those of you who have gone through all of these trends, this is a way to get away from the ordinary red and plain black and really make a statement with ease.


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