Building a Strong Foundation

As a PR professional and writer who also happens to be training for the NYC Marathon, I am compelled to find the metaphors in my enthusiastic pursuit of personal and professional development.  And while running 15 or 16 miles at a stretch, what else is there to think about but the similarities in my parallel lives of working and training?Just last weekend while running the Philadelphia 1/2 Marathon miles behind my husband, sister and daughter, I reflected on the importance of building a strong foundation, both in training and at work.

Steven, Emily, Jen & me with the Philadelphia Museum of Art (think Rocky) in the background

In any given career, it begins with education and/or knowledge about your craft or product. But to be successful, you have to have a natural curiosity to know more and a passion for what you do. That passion fuels the desire for continuous improvement which in turn provides better and better results.

The notion of a strong foundation is equally important in physical training.  To run 26.2 miles within a reasonable timeframe and without injury, a customized strength training program, proper nutrition and a smart, gradual increase in distance are the essential building blocks.  And just as a mentor can help you in your career, working with a personal trainer (like my clients LouAnn and Jamie at Fitness Together Fort Myers) can do wonders to build that foundation.

At the end of the day, or at the end of the race, you can ask yourself many of the same questions:

Did you achieve your goals?

Were you well prepared?

Are you happy with the results?

How can you improve for next time?

Did you learn anything from the experience?

In both cases, the answers are important and can help you plan your next steps — in life or on the track….

More to come soon! In the meantime, you can visit my website to learn more about me and my work.

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