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My name is Phyllis Ershowsky, and I am founder and principal of PKE Marketing & PR Solutions in beautiful, sunny Southwest Florida. PKE is a strategy-oriented, creative, growing firm that provides marketing and public relations services to a diverse group of wonderful clients.

Originally from New York, I started my career in marketing at Cunard Cruise Lines and then as Public Information Officer for a Long Island government official.  I grew up in the beautiful seaside community, Long Beach, NY, graduated from Vassar College and then went back for my MBA later in my career.  We moved to Florida for better weather, professional opportunities and more of an outdoor lifestyle — and it has been wonderful!

The best part of living here is the chance to meet fantastic people from all different backgrounds and geographic locales…my life has been enriched by these new relationships and I continue to learn every day.  I have clients who are doing unique and interesting things, always exploring new ventures and expressing excitement about their work.  Their enthusiasm combined with mine results in a winning combination that keeps me passionate about my work and new achievements.

I love my community and it’s important for me to give back in whatever ways I can.  Some of the organizations I am involved with include Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Shy Wolf Sanctuary and AMIkids SWFL, of which I am the board chair.

Tino's training session with Naomi
One of our AMIkids SWFL students being mentored in the culinary arts at Trattoria de Napoli in Fort Myers, Fla.

When I am not working, I am  running, reading, doing yoga, baking or talking on the phone to my kids.  I also spend a lot of time with my little dog, Cody:

Following is a photo of my husband Steve, daughter Emily, sister Jen and me at the Philadelphia Half Marathon:

Training for half and whole marathons is an integral part of my work/life balance

All of these elements tie in to my quest for continuous improvement, a passion for excellence, being a lifelong learner and creating a fulfilling work/life balance — and I strive to bring these components to my work with my clients to help achieve their goals.  At PKE, we are proud of the results we achieve — our clients’ success is our success.

If you want to communicate further, feel free to contact me — I look forward to hearing from you!

All the best,


2 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hi Phyllis,

    Great Blog. I enjoyed reading. Quite frankly I never use Blogs but I know there are quite effective and popular. I’m sure they can be a valuable marketing tool for business and they provide a great way to keep up with our family across the country.



  2. Dear Phyllis,

    I’m writing a book called “Insider’s Guide to Southwest Florida,” for an international publishing company called Globe Pequot Press. And I’m writing to ask for a few quotes for the book. I’m asking some prominent Lee Countians to give me their perspectives and observations on life in the county, for sidebars we’re calling “My Southwest Florida.” And I’m hoping you’ll take a few minutes to send me a few quotes.

    This is my sixteenth book. In addition, my articles have appeared in major media all over the world. Please feel free to take a look at my website, http://www.stevewinston.com, and my blog, http://www.stevewinstonwriter.wordpress.com.

    Your observations should be personal in nature (although they can also be about your work). Your special places in Lee County, the things you like about it, special moments you’ve experienced here, personal anecdotes about life here, interesting people you know here, unusual experiences…anything at all, really. No need to take more than a few minutes of your time. I’m not looking for literary works, here…just spontaneous emotions and observations.

    Please feel free to pass this letter on to any other Lee County residents you think would be appropriate for the book. And I hope to hear from you soon.

    Thanks very much!

    Steve Winston

    Steve Winston
    [email protected]
    (954) 575-4089
    BLOG: http://www.stevewinstonwriter.wordpress.com

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