A Taste of the Sweet Life

Deliciously handcrafted by Royal Palm Chocolates

One of the best parts about being a PR professional is getting to know a wonderful variety of people and discovering their passions along the way.  Over the past few weeks, I have devoted a lot of time to “new client immersion” with Royal Palm Chocolates of Naples, Fla., owners Philip and Stephanie Fincher and their strategic manager, Sam Hernandez.  How to describe this experience?  In a word: sweet!

To get educated on the world of fine Belgian chocolate and the artistry that goes into creating these confections, I spent some time last week with Philip Fincher who shared information about combining just the right amounts of specially imported ingredients, as well as the finer points of temperature and how it affects the final, scrumptious results. His demonstration revealed the perfect blend of precision and creativity as he spoke about innovative recipes and tantalizing flavors while measuring to the exact iota. Daughter Brittany pitched in, already an able apprentice on her way to becoming a fine chocolatier in her own right.

A former attorney, Philip, Stephanie and their family took a huge leap to fulfill his lifelong passion.  Once he decided to leave the practice of law, Philip attended the renowned Ewald Notter’s School of Pastry Arts where he graduated at the top of his class.  Next, Philip landed a coveted position in the pastry kitchen of the 5-Star and 5-Diamond Ritz Carlton Beach Resort in Naples. When the opportunity arose for the Finchers to open their own chocolate shop, Royal Palm Chocolates was born.

Since then, they have moved forward with a clear vision and an incredible passion for what they do.  In only two years, the company has garnered local and national acclaim for creativity, adventurous flavor combinations and “true” chocolate taste that comes through in every bite.  They have expanded from retail to include corporate gifting, the bridal industry and major special events.

A fabulous selection includes more than 23 gourmet flavors enhanced by fruity fillings, smooth liqueurs, exotic spices and more, with no added preservatives. One can also indulge in delicate chocolate wafer cookies or a delicious array of milk and dark chocolate bark. The entire staff has an impeccable eye for detail that extends from the distinctive chocolate creations to gorgeously designed jewel box packaging. To put it simply, they are doing everything right.

Royal Palm Chocolates...absolutely delicious and beautifully packaged!

One of the best aspects of my daily PR life is growing and nurturing client relationships with those who are so dedicated to quality and excellence in everything they do – their work inspires me to be better too.  And one or two chocolates along the way makes the experience even sweeter!

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