5 Ways a Vacation Rental Company uses creative public relations solutions

Lahaina Island Accommodations' Reception area

Working with my friend and client Barb Garfold of Lahaina Island Accommodations (www.beachtime.us) has helped me focus on the “art of public relations.”  With the debut of a permanent display of works by renowned fine art photographer Alan S. Maltz (www.alanmaltz.com) she is incorporating 5 important ways that public relations can help her business.First, the vacation home rental company now has an alliance with a well-known artist.  Maltz’s work is featured at the Carter Center and Presidential Library in Atlanta, American Airlines Arena and Carnival Cruise Lines in Miami, and other high profile locations.  Residents and visitors to Fort Myers Beach now have an opportunity to see his works at Lahaina Island Accommodations.

Second, they are adding a natural tie in with the artist’s work and Florida’s natural beauty — visitors can experience nature as well as appreciate the artwork whose imagery captures the beauty, tranquility and diversity of Southwest Florida.

Lahaina Island Accommodations welcomes Alan S. Maltz

Third, Lahaina is using many levels of communication tactics to get the word out: from traditional news releases to online distribution, social media and blogging — they are creating a “buzz” about the new exhibit, Alan’s new book and the upcoming event launching the new collection.

Fourth, a special reception will bring existing owners, colleagues and friends together on December 3 to view the artwork and be among the first to see Alan’s fourth book, Visions of Beauty — Fort Myers, Sanibel & Beyond.  The artist will even be available to sign the books!

Fifth, and probably most important, Barb, Paul and the team at Lahaina Island Accommodations are creating and reinforcing their community relationships through the beauty of art.  They are creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere that people want to be a part of — yes, this is the “art” of public relations.

Lahaina Island Accommodations Conference Room

For more about Lahaina Island Accommodations and the great work they are doing, you can check my portfolio at www.pkecreative.com.

5 thoughts on “5 Ways a Vacation Rental Company uses creative public relations solutions”

  1. Hello Barb.
    All Small Businesses could benefit from using Public Relations to enhance and grow their business. Often times however, they confuse PR with other forms of marketing.

    Excellent project. You are never without great ideas to build you business. I enjoy seeing you succeed. Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Thank you for your comments, Harry — more and more, small businesses are recognizing the benefits of strategically planned public relations and community relations programs.

  3. This is so very professional and well done! I am sure many small businesses will learn and benefit by your example of promoting through public relations. And your taste in artists? The best!

  4. Thank you for your comments, Shin. Working in partnership with a client to accomplish his/her goals is tremendously rewarding.

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