3 Powerful Ways to Regain Your Positive Outlook

It’s Monday, it’s raining outside, and the economic forecast hasn’t really brightened since Friday, but that doesn’t give us a free pass to curl up on the couch and retreat from the world.  On the contrary, now is the time to seek motivation where we can find it — it’s the time to discover our strengths and pursue our passions. How else can we ensure a brighter tomorrow?

Here are three approaches that can inspire a more positive, productive mindset:


Stimulating your brain power and looking for ways to improve are surefire keys to start moving in a positive direction.  You will have an opportunity to know something that others may not, enhancing your expertise in a particular area.  Here’s an example: I recently entered an award-winning PR project into a statewide competition. It did not win, and the judges’ report indicated that even though it achieved stellar results for the client, it was rejected for being in pdf format instead of html. Yes I was disappointed, and no, I did not understand why the format disqualified the project, but I can’t let it deter me. Instead, I am going to learn why html is preferred over pdf.  And if it turns out that the change will benefit the client, I will do it immediately…all part of the quest for continuous improvement (thank you, Dr. Deming!).


When your self image can use a little boost, doesn’t it make sense to be around the people who make you feel good about yourself?  Family, friends, a favorite client…a few words reminding you of something great you accomplished can erase that negative vibe or uncomfortable situation at work. Last week, I let a colleague who is having personal issues know that I am available to her if she needs a sounding board — she was so grateful for those few kind words. Sometimes we just need to know there’s someone on our side.


Inspiration comes from many places, and you may be surprised at what voices can trigger a turnaround in your attitude.  Attending a professional conference may provide you with new ideas and a burst of motivation that can get you right back on track.  A vigorous personal training session or an encounter with your yoga instructor can elevate your mood.  

Even an extraordinary book or an invigorating speech may reignite the spark you were afraid went out.  The key is to be open to the possibilities and to listen for the words that might improve your outlook.

So here’s to a brighter tomorrow….contact me if I can help!

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